Outlet- Winter 20 - SUZAN DRESS - Pale blue checkered


A fun flapper style dress that is perfect for all occasions! Chic, stylish and comfortable to wear - it is perfect for day time and transitions beautifully into evening (just add a few accessories). You'll love the unique details on this dress - stand out from the crowd! This item is ready to ship - we ship worldwide!

{Flapper Dress Details}
* Color:Pale blue

* long sleeves 
* Size : one size fits most
* This flapper dress is made of 2 parts.
* Buttons run along the front of the dress (partial button fastening- only on the top) and along the back
* Features high neckline with mandarin collar
* Other details include: a pleat at the back, side pockets
* Made from a cotton mix
* This oversized dress has a relaxed/loose silhouette/fit

{Flapper Dress Measurements}
Waist: 47 in /120 cm
Length: 35.43in / 90 cm
Breast : 40in/100 cm

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