Our creation – hand made leather products, reflect our deep passion for quality, style, and aesthetics. We are two Israeli sisters from Tel Aviv, who decided to take a mutual journey into the world of creativity and design.

Our name, "Stella and Lori", represents the names of our grandmothers. They both, grew up in Europe, moved to Israel, and lived in Tel Aviv, bringing with them the European touch of style and chic.

Our grandmothers taught us to embrace the diversity of people and to appreciate the uniqueness and individuality of each person. This idea is well expressed in our products. The same as people are different so are the products, each product is one of a kind!

The leather we use, in the products, is not manufactured or perfect. We preserve its individuality, as a result - each product is unique and exceptional.

Our leather goods are made from high-quality raw material, superior stitching and professional craftsmanship.

Each item has its character exactly like people and is tailored made to fit your needs and style. Our high quality products enable you to express who you are through the color and design you choose.

"Stella and Lori" – products, that are not perfect or part of one collection, but the kind that show your special style with a unique story behind.
Vered Blank Grizim
Zohar Blank Kama
An architect by profession, a "Japanoholic" with a highly developed sense of taste.
Comes from the world of marketing and branding, an amateur cook and has a highly developed sense of taste and aesthetics